Huawei Transparency and Cybersecurity Centre in Brussels

Friday, May 25, 2018 — Ken Hu, Rotating Chairman of Huawei Technologies made a major announcement at the European Business Summit on 24 May 2018 while speaking about GDPR and Huawei activities in Brussels. 

“For both social and economic reasons, we need to make sure that all data is protected, and that everyone's privacy is respected. This is the basis for building confidence in the digital economy. Huawei is fully aware of this, and we are constantly strengthening our approach. Privacy protection is a joint effort. First, governments need to develop legal guidelines for data privacy protection. Europe is ahead of the game in this area. Tomorrow, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will take effect. It will provide a legal framework for privacy protection in all EU Member States. The GDPR is the most comprehensive data privacy law in the world, and it sets a very positive example for all countries.

Second, all organizations and individuals need to obey the law, and do their part to protect data privacy. For the past two years, Huawei has closely examined the GDPR, and we have embedded its requirements into all of our business activities. We have trained all of 180,000 employees on GDPR requirements, and we have appointed Privacy Protection Officers where needed. To ensure compliance, our internal audit teams have completed thorough reviews in all EU countries. Huawei is ready for GDPR, and we remain committed to privacy protection.

Here in Brussels, we will open a Transparency and Cybersecurity Center in the near future. It will serve as a platform for customers and industry partners to work together on security and privacy protection. This will help all stakeholders consolidate strengths – and consolidate trust – in the digital world.”

Jakub Hera-Adamowicz Huawei Technologies Spokesperson at Huawei Technologies
Tina Bielawska Public Affairs Director at Ogilvy & Social.Lab
Yingying Li Huawei Technologies Spokesperson at Huawei Technologies